Genius Denied:  How To Stop Wasting Our Brightest Young Minds.  This site is an extension of the book Genius Denied containing excerpts, reviews and a searchable database of resources, including state gifted education policies, articles and forums, relevant to the gifted and talented community.
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Genius Denied Genius Denied: How to Stop Wasting our Brightest Young Minds
Written by Jan & Bob Davidson with Laura Vanderkam, this book has been hailed as a "manifesto for change" in gifted education.
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Press Kit
Bob and Jan Davidson, co-authors
Twelve Cost Effective Educational Options for Serving Gifted Students
Summary of Research Findings about the Profoundly Gifted
IQ and Educational Needs
Characteristics of Intellectually Advanced Young People
Bored in School (PDF)
Photo of the Authors
Frequently Asked Questions: Profoundly Gifted Students & Gifted Education
National Statistics - Why our Nation Needs to Educate our Gifted and Talented Youth

Archived News Releases
Genius Denied from Davidson Institute
-Released April 2004

Book Reviews
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A 2005 Legacy Book Award winner
Named as one of 2004’s Most Notable Education Books by American School Board Journal

In the News
Are We Failing Our Geniuses?; Time Magazine, Aug. 27, 2007.
'Profoundly Gifted' Students Find Home in RenoABC News - Nightline, June 4, 2007.
Genius: Quest for Extreme Brain PowerCNN, September 17, 2006.
Child Geniuses Find A HomeCBS Sunday Morning, October 30, 2005.

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